Need a custom design?

Handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion

Passion and experience

The team at Beachcomber has been creating furniture for beach houses for 16 years. We understand that clients have individual needs, be it size, style or paint finish. For this reason, a large percentage of our work is customised.

Perfection is the key

Every piece of furniture we sell is carefully made by hand, by one of our craftsmen. We have introduced reclaimed wood to our factory more than 10 years ago and just as every piece of reclaimed wood is different, so are our craftsmen, each playing an important role in the manufacturing process, each adding some character to the products made.

Using reclaimed wood is not only helping to save the planet, but delivers unique products. Years of weathering, holes and stains left from rusted nails and layer upon layer of old paint are some of the characteristics that we try to preserve to make each product unique and special. Imperfections and variances result in unique and individual pieces, but should you prefer to not have holes, cuts and stains in your products, please let us know and we will select pieces with less character.

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