What's on your mind?

1What is the best way to care for my Beachcomber furniture
Care for reclaimed wood - The aged/weathered look of reclaimed wood is unique to every piece of furniture. While polishes and sealers may change the look and feel of the product, it may be necessary to apply it to areas like table tops to prevent it from being stained by food or drinks like coffee, red wine, etc. A clear water based sealer is a good choice to protect the surface without changing the colour too much, but always try this in hidden area, like under the table top to see the result before using it on the main surface.
2Is all Beachcomber products safe for patio / outside use?
No, wood is a natural product and should always be protected against the harsh weather conditions. Our outdoor furniture made from new wood, like Adirondack chairs with matching foot stools and side tables as well as outdoor picnic tables are made from CCA treated timber, where chemicals get applied to the timber under pressure, to protect it against decay and wood attacking insects like termites and wood borers. It is still necessary to repaint the furniture from time to time, to keep it in mint condition. Products that do not appear on our "Outdoor furniture" page should not be used outside. If used on a covered patio, it should be protected against direct sun and rain.
3Is there any delivery charges or only store collection?
Furniture can be collected from our stores or we can quote a price for delivery. Furniture is normally displayed in our showrooms and should you wish to have it wrapped for transportation, this can be done at a nominal fee, but should be pre-arranged.
4Does Beachcomber do custom designed items?
Yes, many of our products can be customized, and we can also custom design pieces to suit your individual requirements, as long as it is in line with the character and feel of our range. We do however need you to visit one of our stores and discuss this with our sales staff.
5Can I shop online or only in-store?
Standard items on this website can be ordered online.
6Do you have an online catalogue?
Our product range is displayed on the website.